PlayCleanGo Awareness Week


The second annual PlayCleanGo Awareness Week will be held June 6-13, 2020 across North America. Last year's event reached over 500,000 individuals with the PlayCleanGo message. Check our new outreach tools and resources below!

The goal of the campaign is to show outdoor enthusiasts how they can stop invasive plants and pests from spreading — while enjoying the great outdoors. Dozens of free materials are available on this webpage to help you spread the word and Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks!

Show how you PLAYCLEANGO and win.

We want to see the awesome things our outdoor enthusiasts are doing to slow the spread of invasive species.

Win a #PlayCleanGoWeek Adventurer's Prevention Pack with @WigWam socks, boot brushes, shammy towel, and more!

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These free resources can be used to raise awareness by any agency, organization, educator, business, or individual. New resources coming for 2020 soon!

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Share these infographics to tell the story of why invasive species are harmful, how they are spread through recreation, and the easy things we can do to stop their spread while enjoying the great outdoors:



What are IS_infographic



What can you do_infographic







Social Media Posts

Copy these messages and post them on your social media accounts between June 6 and June 13 — or schedule them right now so you don't forget! For greater impact, add images from your own camera roll or collection.

Water is vital to our ecosystem and is the source of life for all living things. Help protect the waters you fish by disposing of unwanted bait and fish parts in the trash and not in the water. #PlayCleanGoWeek @StopAquaticHitchhikers

Gardening is a great way to spend time outdoors while staying in your own backyard. Remember to buy plants native to your area and clean your tools between uses so as to not spread disease from plant to plant. #PlayCleanGoWeek @HungryPests @DontMoveFirewood #iyph2020 #planthealth

Invasive species cost the US $138 billion per year in environmental damages, control and losses. But recreationists can help! After caving or climbing, wash hands, clothes, footwear and anything else that may have touched the ground wall or other surfaces. #PlayCleanGoWeek

Take these easy steps to stop invasive species: Stay on trails. Clean your gear, clothes, and animals. Take the PlayCleanGo Pledge today! #PlayCleanGoWeek 

On its own, hungry pests can't move far and wide on their own. But with help from people, they can cover 55 miles per hour. Make sure you check all equipment and wheel wells to remove egg sacks and Don't Move Firewood! Learn more by following @HungryPests and @DontMoveFirewood #PlayCleanGoWeek 

There are 50,000 invasive species in the US - but there are millions of recreationists! The simple act of spraying down your RV with water or compressed air or sweeping out the RV interior can make the difference in slowing the spread of invasive species in your community. Learn more by following @HungryPests and @DontMoveFirewood

#NationalRVday #PlayCleanGoWeek

400 of 598 US threatened or endangered species are at risk because of invasive species. You can help, just by cleaning your gear and your ride! Get PlayCleanGo facts and tips here: #PlayCleanGoWeek 

You might be a pro at outdoor recreation, but are you using PlayCleanGo's pro-tips to Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks? Get the pro-tips today! #ProTip #PlayCleanGoWeek


These materials are available for the media as well as for awareness raising by any agency, organization, educator, business, or individual. Help spread the word about PlayCleanGo Awareness Week!

  • National News Release: For media and partners, consistent language to spread the word about #PlayCleanGoWeek, including a quote from the national campaign manager.
  • Local News Release Template: Download this Word doc, follow the prompts to describe your agency's #PlayCleanGoWeek event, and share with your local media!
  • PlayCleanGo Awareness Week Toolkit: 5-page PDF answers the "who - what - when - where - why" and gives 10 things your organization or agency can do to participate. Great for sharing with a team or partners.
  • Radio PSA: Send this public service announcement to the news director at your local radio station, with a request to air June 6-13! To play, click here, and then click the 3 dots to download as MP3.


The following animated explainer videos help tell the PlayCleanGo story in a fun and easy way! To embed them in your website or share via social media or email, just click Share in the upper right of the video — or share on social media using the SHARE buttons below.


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