Name Our Creature to PlayCleanGo Bigfoot Style

Invasive species prevention needs an ambassador. Suggest a name for our Bigfoot for a chance to win an outdoor swag bag that will make any outdoor enthusiast—human or cryptozoological alike—feel right at home in the outdoors.


We will collect your name suggestions until September 27th. We will select two finalists and give people the ability to vote on their favorite through our social media profiles. 

Suggest a name for our Bigfoot for a chance to win an outdoor swag bag worth $250

The person who suggests the most popular choice will win a collection of outdoor items valued at $250, including:

  • $50 REI gift certificate
  • 20 Wigwam socks ($100 value)
  • National Geographic maps of the winner’s choice ($60 value)
  • PlayCleanGo prevention tool kit 
  • Stainless-steel water bottle
Additionally, the first 100 people to make a name suggestion will receive a PlayCleanGo invasive species prevention tool kit.

A Match Made
in the Outdoors

When PlayCleanGo was looking for our first ambassador, we needed someone whose invasive species prevention habits are so natural that PlayCleanGo behavior is simply a way of life. Enter the creature, the myth, the legend: Bigfoot. This mythical creature is so conscientious about keeping North America’s natural resources pristine that some people even doubt the creature’s very existence. PlayCleanGo’s Bigfoot is a gentle giant who cares about preserving our natural resources and stopping invasive species in their tracks. The fit, as they say, is a natural one.

Spread the Word to Stop the Spread

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Let them know about the contest and PlayCleanGo's mission to stop the spread
of invasive species.


Want to tell the world how you play, clean, and go? Use our new hashtag, #belikebigfoot, inspired by you-know-who.

Take the Pledge

Invasive species damage the economy, environment, and human health.
Each person can take the pledge to
prevent new invasions and stop the
spread of existing ones.