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Betsy Macfarlan serves as Executive Director for the Coalition and joined ENLC in May 2001 as its first employee. Born in New York and raised in Colorado, Betsy completed her BS and MS in Ruminant Nutrition at Colorado State University, where her education prepared her for living and working in an area that believes wildlife, livestock and plant health come together to create a healthy, diverse landscape. Betsy came to ENLC with over ten years experience as executive director of non profit and has extensive experience coordinating projects, including involvement in coordinating the 1st and 2nd Seeking Common Ground Livestock Big Game Symposiums. Betsy’s position with the Coalition allows her the unique opportunity to combine her executive skills with her interest in science and research, all the while facilitating the improvement of the natural resources in her adopted home state. When she isn’t plugging away in the office or attending CWMA meetings throughout the state, Betsy maintains her ties to agriculture by raising cashmere goats and making goats milk soap with her husband, Jeff, and their many horses and dogs.
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Nevada: 🐎 Using Prevention Measures To Slow The Spread for Years

Apr 14, 2020 2:57:30 PM / by Betsy Macfarlan


PlayCleanGo® shows people how to clean their outdoor gear, clothing, equipment, and pets to prevent the spread of invasive species. Likewise, land managers doing invasive species prevention use similar tips to ensure their efforts complement those of our recreationists.

Invasive Species Managers use preventive behaviors including:

  • washing or blowing off equipment
  • removing mud and debris from tire and track treads
  • using animals to help with weed control or reseeding efforts — and being mindful of how to prevent these animals from spreading invasive species as they travel
  • And so much more!


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