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Communications & Program Manager, North America Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) & PlayCleanGo
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11 Father's Day Gifts For the Outdoor Dad

Jun 11, 2019 8:30:00 AM / by Hannah Bowers


You have this person in your life. You may classify this person in a number of ways: unconventional, outdoorsy, adventurous, dirtbag. They may also go by Dad, Father, Step-Dad, Pops, or a number of other titles. And this person may seem hard to shop for. They have all the gear they need, and don’t really like extra “stuff” lying around. So what do you do?

Here are some gifts for the outdoor dad that you'll love to give — and they'll love to get, whether on Father's Day or any other special occasion.

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How To Get Involved In PlayCleanGo Awareness Week

May 28, 2019 8:30:00 AM / by Hannah Bowers


The first-ever PlayCleanGo Awareness Week is taking place June 1–8, 2019 with events across North America!

As we get our gear out for the fun summer season of camping and outdoor adventures, will you pledge to take this week to learn all about invasive species and how they spread, become an expert at cleaning yourself, your gear, and your furry friends after your outside time, and take this opportunity to teach your friends?

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Identifying Invasive Flowers

Apr 18, 2019 10:42:00 AM / by Hannah Bowers


In grade school, do you remember the decorated classroom doors? Each door had its own personality, distinct and characteristic of the teacher’s class. Looking back, one door in particular has been wedged in my brain. It was a colorful spring door that read, “April showers bring May flowers – but what do May flowers bring?” I’ve thought about this many times. Nothing has fit perfectly, until now!

April Showers bring Invasive May Flowers, but what do May flowers bring? Summer tourists, recreational activities, and the threat of spreading those invasive species - no one asked for that!

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Why Invasive Species are Like a Bad Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Mar 4, 2019 8:03:00 AM / by Hannah Bowers


As I was summiting Twin Sisters in Colorado, I felt like I was on top of the world! Emotionally, because there’s nothing better than hiking in the mountains, and literally because I was standing on an 11,427 ft. peak.

Then my mind drifted to more unpleasant thoughts—my annoying hiking partners also known as, invasive species. Particularly, I started to worry about how to properly clean off my hiking gear – my shoes, my socks, my pack, my clothes! I wanted to avoid tracking dirt, seeds and those illusive invasive species on an airplane, across the country, back home to Alabama. I needed to drop them like a bad habit, dump them like a bad boyfriend (or girlfriend).

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Understanding Invasive Species

Feb 15, 2019 2:39:49 PM / by Hannah Bowers

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What’s ‘bugging’ you? Or what’s invading your space? Seems like a simple question when asked on a personal level. But if someone were to ask about how “invasive species” bug us or our surroundings many of us draw a blank. So let’s talk “Invasive Species 101” and how you can help protect the places you love.

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