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Jackie Lalley is Partner at Yodelpop, a sustainable marketing agency that's helping PlayCleanGo stop the spread of invasive species while enjoying the great outdoors. She's a life-long Iyengar yoga practitioner and plays upright bass in an old-time band. Jackie lives in Milwaukee with her family and their German shepherd–Lab mix.
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4 Steps to Better Invasive Species Outreach

Sep 5, 2019 10:37:00 AM / by Jacqueline Lalley


When you're trying to spread the word about invasive species, it can be hard to know you're making a difference. For agency leaders, people working on the ground, and recreationists involved in outreach efforts, evidence of impact can be hard to come by. 

Using communications goals and technology, marketing methodology, and consistent messages can help, both by providing measures of success that you can celebrate, and by guiding you toward activities that are more likely to reach people and change their behaviors. 

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