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Krista is a Conservationist for the Door County Soil & Water Conservation Department (SWCD) where she serves as the county’s Invasive Species Program Manager and is the interim Coordinator for the Door County Invasive Species Teams (DCIST). She is a member of the PlayCleanGo Eastern US Advisory Committee and the Midwest Invasive Plant Network board.

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Invasive Species Treatments: How To Work With Right-of-Way Managers

Apr 4, 2019 9:15:00 AM / by Krista Lutzke


Land managers and natural resource groups invest heavily in invasive species control efforts to protect and maintain healthy biodiversity of native flora and fauna. However, obtaining that same level of commitment from right-of-way managers can be a different story. The highway department’s plan is simple - mow before plant material becomes a hazard!

For me, that was the beginning of my struggle! We don’t have the same goal for the resource, let alone speak the same management language. Have you had this same struggle; trying to figure out how you can get commitment from the highway departments to help mitigate such a complicated and cumbersome issue?

Well, here I am to walk you down the road less traveled, sharing techniques that worked for us!

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